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Date of Incident: March 19th, 2009
Time of Incident: 8:09 p.m.
Location of Incident: Waupun, Fond Du Lac County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Heidi A.

Details of Incident:

I went to pick up my son from Boy Scouts at the Armory in Waupun tonight, March 19, 2009. I was a few minutes late and saw the Armory was locked up so I waited, my van and field of vision directly to the west. I noticed a very bright orange-ish colored light off in the distance. I thought it was Mars but it was a strange sight because it was so very bright. I was watching this light when my son came from a playground area next to the Armory, where there were others (parents and kids) waiting outside and watching the skies. The Scoutmaster came to the side of my van and we were talking, but I was watching this light. Apparently the others on the playground were watching it too but I didn't know this until later, when my son told me. He saw the light too but not what I saw later. The Scoutmaster and my son were not aware of what I saw. Suddenly, I realized the light was no longer there. I thought maybe the star or planet had moved due to the earth's rotation, gone behind some trees. I wasn't really thinking anything more about it, other than I moved my head to see if I could make it out anymore. Just as I was losing interest in where the light had gone, all of a sudden I was aware that there was a large craft coming towards us, probably about 1/4 to 1/2 mile away, possibly over the middle school building in town. I'd estimate it was 35 to 50 feet in diameter but that's a guess. It seemed large and close. It hadn't been there before and it took a moment to register what I was seeing. I had a clear shot of this craft, with a bank of 4 or 5 of the same-colored orange lights in a semi-circle out in front. It seemed rounded in front and moving fast, coming directly towards us from the west, going due east. Then the lights blinked out quickly, the outside ones, then the middle one. There was no sound. I had my window open as I talked with the Scoutmaster. I could see or hear nothing after the lights blinked out, even though it was obviously above the city and should have been overhead at the speed it appeared to be going. I didn't say anything to the Scoutmaster as I was unsure what I had just seen. I kept expecting to see the strobe lights of a plane or something but there was just sky where the object should have been.

Moments after the craft disappeared, I drove around with my son, trying to describe what I saw and trying to find what happened to it. It was like it hadn't happened, but I know it did. I would estimate the object was about 1,000 feet above the ground before it disappeared. It was just past sunset, skies were clear and star-filled, air temperature 29, no smoke or other apparent obstructions. There were trees and houses in the vicinity where I saw this but they did not block my view. Time I saw the object was 8:09 p.m. according to my clock. I had not been drinking or fatigued. I saw many stars and a couple satellites tonight, some planes and even a helicopter. This was nothing like any of those.

It was just very strange that the light in the distance could move so fast and then suddenly to appear so close with those lights, then the lights blinked out and it disappeared.

This was an airborne object in our lower atmosphere, a bright single light, then a bank of bright lights, propelled forward and then the lights blinked out almost simultaneously (but not quite) and it disappeared.

I reported this to the Fond du Lac County dispatch and also to the Waupun PD. They did not have any other reports about this, or so they told me. I am wondering if anyone else saw this and what it might have been. I have to speak with the other parents who were apparently looking at this same object. My son said they were watching something exactly where I was watching and making jokes about it being some supersecret terrorist plot or something. He thought it was odd what they were saying but he didn't tell me this until after we were driving away and realized what I was telling him I saw. I'd just like to know what it was and see if my story jives with anyone else's. I will try to find more information and will update this if I can. Thank you for your time.





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