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Date of Incident: March 17th, 2009
Time of Incident: 7:40 - 7:55
Location of Incident: Rosendale, & Ripon-Fond Du Lac County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Doug W.

Details of Incident:

I was returning to work about 7:35pm. While traveling west along Rose-eld road, I saw what I thought was the B-17 from the EAA grounds, making a left turn (north). It appeared to have its left wing tip down, its right up. I have seen this several times, and it has 3 bright lights across the front. But, the three lights just vanished, only to re-appear to the south, the opposite direction it appeared to be turning. The lights were in a straight line, and level. There were 3, yellowish orange. The lasted a couple of seconds, then blinked out again, and re-appeared further south. This occured 4 or 5 times. Then I stopped and shut off the truck to listen. No noise. So I started heading down 23 west, I again saw the lights across 23 to the south of Ripon, 2 this time. Followed immediatly by another set of 3 in the first spot I saw them, again, no sound. I was parked by now in the little park east of Ripon. There was one more set of 3 to the north, but slightly going away from my position. About a minute later one appeared just outside the drivers side of my truck, almost directly over me, a lone single light that, like all of the others, lasted only about 3 seconds.

Upon returning to work, another gentleman who was sitting in his car taking break, Overheard me telling my lead guy what I saw, said he saw a single light too.

Later that night, he approached me and my lead guy to say that as soon as we went back into the building, he saw the lights, only 2, so I wasn't crazy. Don't know what it was, my first thought was flares, but they went out in no more than 3-4 seconds, and I couldn't hear any jets, which would have been fairly loud at the closeness they were to me, and they would have been low also, and very close to town.





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