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Date of Incident: April 6th, 2009
Time of Incident: between 9-10pm
Location of Incident: Camp Douglas, Juneau County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by name withheld.

Details of Incident:

Last evening, while watching a DVD, I noticed a number of colored lights,(red,white,blue possibly green), strobing in a line below the trees and about a half mile from my home. At first I thought the lights were stationary, but I looked for a fixed object to site from and then I could tell that the bank of lights were moving from right to left on a craft of some sort. The craft itself was not completely visible to me other than the lights that strobed around its center, but it was moving slowly and in a straight line. I usually see a similar or same bank of stobing lights most evenings high in the sky same direction from my home and I've pointed them out to my family and friends on many occasions. Most have agreed that they don't know what they are seeing, but they just explain it away as being a satelite or something to do with the military base near here. I'm more interested because my husband and I saw other UFO incidents several years back, different from this, that keeps me more aware of my environment and less likely to just be indifferent.

I called my daughter into the dining room so that she could observe this and she agreed it was not something she had seen before. She agreed to drive with me to see if we could get closer to it. We went down the road to get a better view, but we couldn't see anything unusual and went back home.

About a half hour later, after I went back to my movie, I saw the same or similar craft slowly rise from a further distance. This time it came above the trees I had observed it from earlier and it continued to rise higher into the sky. It settled at a point and remained stationary. I'm sure it is the same object that I view most evenings, but it has never been so close to my house and low to the ground as it was this past evening. I sometimes see several of these objects in the sky that have strobing colored lights. I also have friends who have seen them and we are all curious as to what they are.

I did not hear any sound from the object. It traveled in a straight line when I first observed it and it was going very slow. I would guess that it was quite large, much larger than any aircraft that I would be used to seeing. The time I first observed it to the time I left the house was at least five minutes. I wish if others got a closer view that they would report what they saw.





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