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Date of Incident: April 22nd, 2009
Time of Incident: 4:38am
Location of Incident: Madison, WI  Dane County

Source of Report: UFOWisconsin.com online sightings report form by Michael B.

Details of Incident:

I looked out my bedroom window facing east the sky was just turning grayand there were no other stars or lights in the sky. I was drawn to a very bright basketball sized light high in the eastern sky, I knew it was not a star it was to big and bright, nor could it have been a helicopter, it was way to high, I didnt think it could of been a plane as the light was again to big. As I watched the light it suddenly went stright down as fast as anything I have ever seen move. There was a band of fast moving clouds moving north to south across the eastern sky estimated height 5000 feet or so the light dropped behind the cloud band and I fully expected it to appear again from the bottom of the cloud bank, it didnt and I looked north and south but noight of any kind was visible. I was not thinking UFO until the lightdropped like it did, I woke my wife to tell her so at least I could tell somebody what I saw. I reprted this sighting to mufon but didnt hear from them. I know what I saw and can not explain it to myself how or why that light acted like it did. I mean, who do you tell this to but you guys? I was debating whether to say anything about it but felt I had to. The only other thing I can add was that our old cat that slleps most of the time and who never gets up when I do was sitting up and alert looking out the window, who knows what she was looking at,thanks for letting me tell you about this.






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