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Photos were reduced in size to make them easier for viewing; no other alterations were made.
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Date: Labor Day Weekend, 2001, Long Lake/Dundee, WI
Photographer: Anonymous

These photos were taken at Long Lake off of Highway 67 at approximately 9:30-10:00PM. The photographer was trying to photograph the moon which was reflecting off the lake. The photographer did NOT see anything unusual when taking the pictures. However when the film was devloped, the 2 photos below show unusual white streaks throughout them. The photographer did not think this was a devloping error because all of the other pictures on the roll of film came out fine.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 1, 2001: We are unable to get in direct contact with the photographer of these photos to do any further investigating. We are leaving them on the site and will let each of you make your own determinations about the photos below.