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July 20, 2002 Dundee, WI
Photographer: Kevin W. Sturges/ Milwaukee, Wisconsin

From Kevin: "Here's the three shots I took of the unidentified lights over Long Lake. The digital camera I used was a Ricoh RDC-7 with 3.3 megapixels. Unfortunately the exposure information for each shot didn't transfer over before I cleared out its memory. The enclosed pictures are completely unretouched aside from reducing their size and resolution down a bit (800/600 72 DPI) so I could send them to you through my e-mail. The original shots were RGB format JPEG's at 1024/768 size and 300 pixels per inch resolution."

Note: UFO Wisconsinlightened these pictures so you could see the objects better. Click the photo below to see original size.

July 20, 2002 Dundee, WI
Photographer: Andrew Kovaleski, Milwaukee, WI

Photographer's Website: www.bamsite.com
(see more of his photos at www.bamsite.com/july2002

July 20, 2002 Dundee, WI
Artist: Bill Burt, Milwaukee, WI

This is what I would call, My First Unidentified Flying Object/s. Not Saucers or UFOs, but Objects that I have no idea as to what they were, moving along the lake above the trees. Flashing, strobing, hovering and moving slowly, till one by one, they all disappeared. To be followed shortly by a Green Trianglar Object about 5-7 minutes later, flying directly overhead from Southeast to North-North West that crossed the night sky in about 2 minutes. For those of you who were there, I envy your pictures and the video shots you've gotten from last night, but I kind of did my own renditions of what I saw. The Green object will take longer to construct.

Note: These are drawings submitted by Bill Burt. These are not actual photos. Click the drawing to see actual size.