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Date: July 20, 2002 9:00PM
Location: Dundee
County: Fond du Lac

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report by Casey H.

Details of Incident:



I was there and saw the whole thing and have the lights on video tape that I showed to my friend yesterday. For some reason I had a feeling that I should go there and was able to go at the last minute from here in Minneapolis. The first 6 lights were impressive right away as I saw them come over the area like orange plasma balls or ships the color of a campfire. I wondered if it could have been some kind of flares dropped and drifting in the wind and finally burning out or falling behind the hills. The movement was more like they were under some power and being guided though. Then some flashed rapidly and really bright like a strobe light and finally went out or dropped too low to see. I called these 6 lights the "Plasma Ships".

Then a few minutes later we noticed a bright greenish white light coming rapidly from the south which I thought were even more interesting. As it got closer you could see 3 separate lights and were together like being connected by a force field. Green on top , white on the bottom and dull red in the middle that was bobbing back and forth between the other 2. I called these kind the "Force Connector Ships" because they acted like being connected by the force field. I zoomed in my camera and could see the center red light was almost like it was attached to the other 2 with a rubber band and moving like in a programmed pattern. The way they moved together was really neat. Unfortunately my camera wasn't recording when I thought it was then so I didn't get that on tape. I got a copy from someone else though so you can see it pretty good from their video. As they went almost right overhead I knew it must be some kind of weird technology that was doing this. The rain at the time made it less than optimal for viewers but it was still nice to see these things as they seemed to put on a show for us. \ What they were I don't know but they were quite something for sure.

Casey H.
July 22, 2002

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