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Date: July 20, 2002
Location: Dundee
County: Fond du Lac

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report - Witness requested to remain anonymous

Details of Incident:


This was my first time attending any UFO type function ever. I have been interested in the subject for almost fifteen years. I have never witnessed even the slightest irregularity in the sky until July 20 at Bensons. I will try my best to explain. I have been having strange experiences almost all my life. I have had many precognitive dreams. I never understood. I always studied the paranormal phenomena associated with UFO's, aliens, government craft, sacred geometry etc. I was quite compelled all of a sudden to attend UFO DAZE in Dundee WI. I decided on a moments notice to attend. I drove three and a half states and round trip 1300 miles. I met the most wonderful genuine people there I have ever had such pleasure of meeting. I was not ready for any sighting. I went to meet my online friends and attend the UFO DAZE.

There was lightning and light rain and it was dusk outside. As I was not really too excited about us actually seeing anything I was inside the building. Someone opened the door and said to come outside as they were seeing lights. I think I may have hurt someone trying to get out that door. MY ENTIRE LIFE I have waited for this and I got the show of a lifetime. MY FIRST SIGHTING of any strange things. They were arriving at a steady gliding speed over the lake from the North. I am not from this state so I was not real sure of my location in relation to East West South and North. I asked someone and they told me it was in the North when they started out. The first one to arrive came in and took its place and stopped. Then there was a second one who came in and was either up or down in relationship to the first. Then a third came in and there were six in all to arrive. Each one started to flicker with the start of the first one. It seemed they gave us a fantastic show then dissipated into the air. I am not sure of all of this because at some points I was unconscious. I cannot explain why here and now. This is my first attempt at even reporting seeing a ufo much less six of them. I did see the last object a few minutes later. It came in like a big semi circle from the south heading north. It was right overhead. At first I thought It was a plane. By the way, ((names removed)) and I climbed Dundee Mt. the following evening. I was able to first hand observe the air traffic in the area. This led me to believe what we saw were not planes. There was nothing similar about the two. The object that last went over head had a dipping bath and forth effect and there were green lights. As I said earlier this is to the best of my knowledge. I have not read what others saw. I have not been able to see the video or pictures from that evening because of my computer being so old and slow. A 166 speed. So, I only have my memory to go by. I hope this helps. I would like to know what everyone else saw. I will say that something forever changed in my life after going to Dundee. It is highly possible that there could have been some sort of emotional contact for me first hand. I am still attempting through meditation and possibly future hypnosis to find out what happened to me during this sighting. Being my first UFO function I never in my wildest imagination expected to see any thing at all. I was so surprised. Being a person who has an open mind because of my own experience, I am still skeptical. I believe we all must be to a point. ((contact information removed)).

((contact information removed))

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